Guest Speaker Series

  Sonam Wangchuk  On   2017-08-26

In the third session of the Guest Speaker Series, the messenger of rebellious innovation made his way to Ridge ValleySchool, Gurgaon on the 26th of August, 2017. The Mountain Man's arrival was celebrated with curious minds behind intrigued eyes bubbling with many little questions.

 Mr. Wangchuk gave a lecture on how the world needs to wake up to its own potential. He spoke on how the future rests in the hands of those who decide to make a change. With his wise words, Mr. Wangchuk inspired not just children but everyone gathered to think out-of-the-box and try to improve the life condition of everyone around them.


  Major Ashok Kumar Singh  On   2017-07-19

In the 2nd session of the Guest Speaker Series, Ridge Valley School, was honoured by the presence of Major Ashok Kumar Singh, the first physically challenged man who sailed round the world in a sailing boat. Principal Mrs. GuneetOhri felicitated the ex-army officer who is an avid adventurer and believes in experiencing than remembering. The session was attended by the students of   Middle School who listened attentively as he shared his amazing success stories.



  Ms. Poornima Sarvargaonkar  On   2017-04-21

In the 1st session of the Guest Speaker Series, Ms. Poornima Sarvargaonkar, an avid environmentalist came to Ridge Valley School to encourage the students to recycle the waste in their homes and gave a demo on ‘Composting in an Apartment’. The session was very interactive with the students learning to segregate the waste and how to make compost in an earthen pot using decomposable material. The most important message taken home by the  children was the need for each one to do their bit for Mother Earth, which was portrayed beautifully through a story from the Panchatantra, which the children instantly related to.