Educational Initiatives

  • GK Program Implementation : Students get to know about the latest happenings of the world and are made aware of it through “Question of the day”  which covers various domains like National, International, Sports, English and Mathematics.
  • Remedial/Enrichment Classes: The classes are conducted for better enrichment and enhanced performance of the students. 
  • Inclusive education: It helps our students to develop individual strengths and gifts,work on individual goals while participating in the life of the classroom with other students of their own age.
  • E-Testing: This particular tool is initiated for assessment which caters to the different learning styles.
  • Student Led Conference: Students take the onus of learning which helps them to develop their leadership skills.


                                                                Impetus to IT as a Teaching Tool:

  • IPad Integration-: This practice has made learning more interesting for the students where they get a hands-on learning experience of the same with various applications and activities.
  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi: This service helps in enabling quicker delivery of content for various website and class activities.
  • High end Multimedia Desktops : The following  provides access to varied software and learning content from the resources  available to us by innumerable platforms such as Sway, One Note etc .