Beyond Academics

We are part of a world where education goes beyond school books; and we leave no stone unturned to educate our students in all facets of life.


Art in itself, for most children, is a natural form of expression and a source of great pleasure. Ridge Valley School allows every child to experience and respond to a wide variety of art forms through creative engagements like Sketching, Pencil shading, Creative drawing, Calligraphy, Pottery, and Sculpture.

This exposure to myriad of artistic expressions develops sensitivity in children towards visual elements. Consequently, they begin to use them purposefully in their own artistic attempts.

Our Art facilitators help children learn to distinguish between—and appreciate— different types of artwork; and identify their own area of interest.

Additionally, the school provides opportunities for children to participate in collaborative pursuits like Event decorations, Canvas painting, Graffiti, and Mural painting.

In tandem with such Visual Arts disciplines, Performing Arts empowers students in numerous ways to help deepen their understanding of and broaden their experience with indigenous identity. There by allowing them to transform the inadequacies in their nature to something that is uniquely beautiful to them.

An art expression of this form allows them ample opportunities to get comfortable with and develop confidence about their own style of expression. This is why in Ridge Valley with the multifaceted model children are allowed to participate in a performing arts disciplines like Music, Dance and Drama. With inclusion of both western and ethnic forms of expression and art works, along with subject experts, children achieve a good amount of exposure to various performing arts disciplines.

Art is also used in Ridge Valley to instill in children the importance of making the most out of anything which is otherwise considered waste.

The progressive model also enables a learning engagement, which incorporates integrated learning with a singular concept being reinforced through cross-disciplinary pursuits. There occurs value addition in numerous ways; with art playing a significant role in developing an interest to enhance the scope of learning.

At the end of each day, it is the intent of Ridge Valley School’s Art department to ensure that every child believes in his or her own creativity.