Activity Room

Make-believe play is a ubiquitous part of early childhood. Besides being fun for kids, imaginative play (like, pretending)is also believed to be critical to healthy development. The social training they receive during make-believe play also improves children’s social competence and logical-reasoning skills. In fact, it is believed that children who engage in make-believe at a young age also grow up to have better creativity and literacy skills.

The Activity Room at RVS provides a stimulating environment for children; and aids spontaneous learning. We provide various opportunities for imaginative role-play, both individually and as part of a group. Children are encouraged to take part in group and individual tasks, sharing and co-operating with other children. Through activities and conversations, they learn acceptable ways to express their own feelings and listen to others.

The Activity Room is demarcated into the following sections: Kitchen, Doctor’s Clinic, Dressing-Up Area, Theatre, Role-play Corner, and the Supermarket and a Ball Pool. There are slides and molded models of a home & furniture, as well.